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Material Sales

Get consulting and materials…all under one roof.

In addition to Roofing Innovations roofing consulting and analysis services, many clients understand that as the complexity of the roof design increases, the importance of selecting and sourcing proper roofing materials also increases. (more…)

Consulting & Analysis

Conducted by our experienced team, Roofing Innovations provides scientific analysis of your roofs, using state-of-the-art technologies.

Our clients with existing roofing and structures – whether they be the owners, property managers, engineers or architects – come to us because they know something is wrong with their roof – they just don’t know what it is or can determine the root cause. (more…)

Inspection & Maintenance

Hawkeye Roof Management Program

We have proven expertise in providing cost-effective preventive maintenance programs, including regularly scheduled inspections for your roofing systems. (more…)


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